Thursday, February 13, 2014



Did you hear what the party police said?
Ridiculous, I know.  Right?

That’s why I always recommend Miami.
Not only is it the perfect solution
but, hello, Pitbull (yeah, I’m
sorry he looks like he’s taking
a piss onto the audience
right now, but, hello, Pitbull!)!!

And Miami!  It’s so nice that others
try to become you or me (not likely),
but, you know.  That’s why I’m listening
to Ricky Ricardo: the remixes as we speak.

I do think this will be alright.  I mean,
it’ll turn out okay.  Don’t you?

But, like, I have less than two hours
before I’m supposed to cocktail in my
favorite patio office (this will include
lots of entertainment, as always),
so, you know, is it okay if I drink you in
with my eyeballs for just a few more
seconds.  Feel free to take off anytime.

Just like my eyeballs always do.