Friday, July 11, 2014


rich kids at riots bore and they take their cash away when i don’t do what they say
                                                                                                               —Alli Warren

After dancing all night
I prefer screaming.  I
know, right?  Or having
screams channeled dire
ectly into both ears

while tripping myself out
by simultaneously attempting
to read poetry.  Who am I kidding?
I do this simply to wake myself
the fuck up.  Hence, such simul

taneity might also include (as it
does this morning) playing
games in my iPhone with
strangers and blasting
text messages to you;

you’re in the kitchen
and I’m in the bedroom,
isn’t that funny?  Yeah,
that got old fast.  We
text each other while

sitting silently together,
just the two of us, in
our living room; you
watching animated
superheroes and I

at my computer
doing my feeble
attempts at quilting
this skewed record
of our existence.