Sunday, July 13, 2014


(This Poem Is Called) The Government Is Insane

And I wrote it.  I don’t
mind you passing it along.
They already know anyway.
Because I sit in luxury
upon a bed strewn with

In the mail today was a
mail-in ballot.  There’s
an upcoming election.
I know this because in
the mail today there was
a mail-in ballot for an
upcoming election.

Also in the mail was a
voter registration form.
That seemed appropriate.
Especially since it came
addressed from the Cali-
fornia Affordable Care
folks.  From whom I’ve
been trying quite unsuccessfully
to get some affordable care.  It’s
a nice idea.  But, you know....

I may not be thinking too clearly
at the moment, but I take a few
deep breaths anyway, at peace
with the amount of income tax
that I owe (I needed to figure
that out for the Affordable Care
folks) and the extension that I
didn’t even need to file (or this
I’m told now; who’s to know?).

I allow a small tub of ice cream
to warm my heart while I sit
cross-legged upon a bed
surrounded by stacks and
stacks of books.