Monday, July 21, 2014


Duh.  Rhetorical questions.
                —Rachel Blau DuPlessis

I don’t do worst.  Except
“A book is the goal,” (sigh)
“...but not just any book.”
Okay.  Then what?  Again,
rhetorical.  Bombastical
(see “flatulant”) (and other
words I mean to remember,
like “prolix”, “garrulous”,
“fustian”) (well, that one’s
easy), and the always con-
fusing, my “high-flown”.

“How did we ever get here?”
I fawn with prolix emphasis.
I mean influence.  I mean
interest.  Which, of course,
often includes no mere
titbit of inferred insolence.
And, in groups of more than,
say, eight or nine, quite a
wide variety of
unchecked impotence.

And that, Dear Heart,
more often than not,
is tediously prolonged.