Tuesday, September 30, 2014


The Embarrassment

he tried to take it
all in stride, the
he had even lived 
like a country that
could afford too lit-
tle too late.  but the
cinematic sirens. the 
sirens they plunged his 
eyeballs.  into his eye-
balls they plunged. and 
out poured a very large
sea, which all called the
ocean.  and all the while,
eons, the embarrassment
kept trying to get up, but
inside, the embarrassment
was filled with embarrass-
ment, and even more such
pathetic and horrible tor-
ments.  and outside, the
sea, which some call the
ocean.  the ocean of no
feeling.  the ocean of
pleas, or, for some,
the ocean of please.
but to each eye
that sees, to
each eye that
sees, the ocean,
the ocean, the ocean.