Monday, February 09, 2015


I’m a Winner

Is that a tube of lipstick
in your mouth or are you
just (wink:wink!) happy
to see me (when you ever

hug me!)?  I was supposed
to be on the planet panel with
Juliana but I think she’s an
an angel now.  I should

get a reprieve soon (three
quarters off per year, round-
ed up to a baker’s dozen).  Last
weekend, August 1, was a

couple of weeks.  March is
today and, all said, it is a
little bit too crushy, but
very swank—all said, well

taken care of, peaceful
and relaxed.  I love ex-
perience!  It’s so awe-
some, like a spa with

a communal bath.  Even
though I was coming
down (with the flu,
it turns out), I

wound up dancing on
the mezzanine with
Hotstuff.  He was

even—and it was soon
thereafter broadcast-
ed that I was its one and
only...—a real winner!