Wednesday, March 11, 2015


My Offer to Eternity
(Or a Piece Thereof)

I’m a dullard, I think,
made aware by the words

I write, the thoughts I
think, the lines I am

reading, day in, day
out.  So I make a

name for myself
(I like to think).

Like Dullard or
Atrocity or

Ambush.  What
could such a body

behind such a name
have to offer?  I can-

not (cannot) call.  My
name.  My name is.

This morning my
name was.  Nobody

answers.  Nobody
picks up the phone.

How (oh, how?) do
I offer my soul (my

soul?) to that nobody
in response?  To no

response, my soul is
now gone, because

no reply.  No reply
at all.  A nothing a

nothing.  A nothing
to a nothing says

so.  Says that I need
to enjoy the life that

has been given to me.
Please can you say

that to me?  I need it
almost imperatively.