Sunday, March 08, 2015


Just to describe the things that have meant                       
everything to me; and not to insist on describing,                         
but really just to describe them.                      

                                                                                  —Damion Searls          

Will I finally get my
data back from
Shady Guy, Inc.? 

(How’d he fool me
all these years, anyway?   
I should call him before

noon and attempt to
transact.  Good luck
with that!)      Good

and Good Luck
is now playing at the
Lumiere.  I’d like to

see it.     But who
knows what the
future will bring?

Plus, I’m loaded
(pun intended). 
So on this fine

mo(u)rning I shall
purchase a new pair
of glasses for my

Honey.  Pan out....
Fade....   Open on
full shot of a bed

taking up the
entire breadth
and depth

of the silver
screen.  One
person on it, sur-

rounded by books,
several open, pen
in hand.  This

attempt at