Monday, March 09, 2015


A Mature Relationship

           I like to prepare the heart
           by stuffing it with the brain.
                                   —Alice Fulton

Heart don’t damage!

Heart, don’t do any damage!  [Pleas]

Unheaded heart = damage!  [Eternal]

Unheaded, heart....   [Unheeded]

Unheaded heart goes.

That damned heart pays no heed,
goes right on ahead,         
[without head]
does a heap of damage.

Brain, rest!   [Repeat Plea 10x]

Brain pleas, REST!

Brain, unaware of the demise
of the heart (the damage the
heart has done), revels in
the glory of the morning sun.

reveals what brain's done.  [Busted]

What brain?  Brain done.   [Gone]