Monday, June 01, 2015


Is This a Taco Bell Dream Come True?
                 —a headline from CNN online

Our neighbor wakes us up
at 4 a.m. banging on the
door.  She wants to know
if we’re the source of the

very loud music.  I take a
sip of water from the Aqua-
fina bottle I received (comp-
limentary) on my first day

of work (I can’t seem to
to part with it).  “No, no
music here,” I say.  I’ve
only been asleep for an

hour, having been kept
awake late, no doubt, 
by the same music about 
which she’d awoken us.

Slipping back under the
covers, I’m thinking that
I’m certainly not the big
dragon that I used to be. 

At this moment finishes, 
the other me is just now
getting out of the cinema;  
a film about a play (play

within a play, play on!).
Arriving home, the other
me sends an imaginary text
message to the neighbors:

All is well.  We are here.  Peace.