Saturday, June 27, 2015


I Can Do All Of This On A Virtual Piece Of Paper

This is just a means of keeping it alive.  Make it
anything you want (friendship, collaboration,
evolution as human, love, creation, ideation).  So
why set the default for crises at retreat?  Who

knows how to keep it?  It.  Can anyone help
with how to keep it?  It’s okay.  I understand.
On an apologetic note, I went to bed with your
bag of wavy Lay’s.  Sorry for eating every last

chip.  Not to excuse the gluttony, but I was either
drunk or sleeping or both.  But you already know
all of this.  Today is all about chowder.  Today.

I don’t mean to startle you when I mention that
I’ve started a list.  But I have.  I sit here penniless
after spending millions of dollars purchasing the

proper equipment to do so.  And I don’t use proper
equipment (I forget).  But it’s perfectly fine by me
if you look at me funny when I screw it all up again.