Monday, September 07, 2015


“I’m going for a walk.”  (part 2)

....I’m here, still in bed, with
my notebook beneath a
drawn pen.  So to speak.

I’m actually only day-
dreaming (if it can even
be called such a thing at
this late hour).

Of that 4am walk, one
among many, but one
so eloquently alive,
so very yet among
memory...   how
screwy that it
must have been
one taken some

9 years ago.
My screwed up
priorities.  The
odd discrepancies
between heart and
mind; love and logic.

It was only last night
my heart got crumpled.
Ah, to be stumbled upon!
Like a tumbleweed.  So
out of nowhere.  But
eventually emptied

of even the rustle of leaves, the birds
out my bedroom window (useless
without you), the tumbleweed
rolls ever-so-del-iberately off of
the silver screen.  Someone new

becomes the idol made in the
likeness of all of you passers-by
(oh, the night was once so young!),
who’ve now disappeared.  Poof!  Vanished
like the magician’s rabbit once he rolls out
a long-toothed saw and what looks for every-
thing like a coffin, the home of a vampire who
walks the lost city at its darkest and quietest hour.