Thursday, September 10, 2015


Him, He Balks But Still Attempts To Sleep.

Him a little time.
Decided time to
go.  Him decided

but him divided,
unsleepable since
the great under-

cover escape.  Yep.
Him decides 4am
(by then).  Sits up,

blinks, and says
“No...” (which,
to the one lying

next to Him,
opposes what
follows: “...

we can talk;
this is obviously
something that

is important to
you.”  To me:
the opposing

team still under-
cover, lying as
flat as a postage

stamp.  I’d been
so gentle.  Upset,
absolutely, but

without anger.
But this throws
me, is so new,

and welcome.
We only spoke
briefly, but that

one sentence
was all that mat-
tered to me.