Monday, September 28, 2015


The Butch Forest

I’ll admit that I’m not
the best at giving dir-
ections.  But I’m most
certainly over-compen-
sated for getting from
here to there.  This,

as the Mini Cooper
slides (emptily)
off the overhang.
What I’m trying to
say (and not in a
good way) is that

I know you and
you know me.
And if all we had
to do every day
was step aside
once or twice

just to get out
of each other’s
way, wouldn’t
you be one
pissed off
witch, too?

So get your
boot out of
my Death
Star, you
big black

hole.  And
don’t you
dare go
and “Yes,
sir!” me,
’cuz Mamma 

you know 
I don’t have
a single clue
what I’m even
doing here.  So 
don’t!  Don’t 
you even!