Tuesday, November 24, 2015


     A way of remembering thinking
     A way of remembering is thinking
                                                  —Susan Gevirtz

I urge us all to drink and dance,
or at least dither.  No one will
listen to me anyway, they’re
not having any of this.  Which
makes it all mine.  Mine and
mine alone?  One or the other,
the hunger has subsided.  Cof-
fee’s good for that.  In fact, stop-
ping here at the Language Pool
first was an overall excellent
idea (where else base my
existence, my overarching
priority lists, my goals, and
the day-to-day?)!  I could
easily turn another page.
Such redundancy really
does keep me revved.
However, time always
finds me here anyway.
[Shh!  I’m on the lam,
you see.]  Oh, hello,
I almost forgot you
were here.  What good
soul does to minimize
boring can be a lot like
needling a haystack.
I point several direction
at once.  The crazies call
me rude.  And they’d
know.  For that I’m
truly sorry.  Go that-
away, I say, pointing
everywhere all at once:
feeling duped; they hay-
stack; the pleasantries;
the seagulls.