Monday, November 30, 2015


I anachronism writing as if I believe I recall something
                                                                            —Susan Gevirtz

Unable.  Unnamable.  It
was like that.  I recognize
the face of he who does
not sound like a decent

person.  It is not simply
that we frolic.  I have
just come to know
better than to different-

iate so cleanly, better
than to leave first and
second (and third)
impressions anything

but malleable, just a
thing to work with.
The have of a wonder-
ful time predates the

sausage.  It predates
the elements within,
which reach back
as far as the elements

without.  I grew up
half a block away
from the element-
ary school with no

kindergarten, no
radon on its singular
periodic table. And
despite our bouts

with rabies from the
occasional rusty nail,
oxidization did not
exist in those days;

and American flags
weren’t the only
things fondly wav-
ing each other down.