Monday, December 07, 2015


Outer Space

What I know and what I don’t know.
Is equal in nature to
what I see and what I do not see.

Cut nature a pair of slacks and
please bring back the variety of birds
(the ones I usually hear as I wake up

each morning).  I haven’t heard them
recently.  Nor seen any to speak of
except pigeons and crows (which I

shall not call, as some do, the lowliest
of the fowl; I am simply lamenting).
I’m simply lamenting the lack of variety.

And now, after crying for an entire year,
I wake up.  Poof!
......(I do hope that I awaken....)....

In such hopes, I’m tidying this,
the place where I live (e.g., see
photo of me wearing the house-

plants).  I am mostly comfortable
spreading myself upon furniture
that needs to be replaced (e.g., there’s

no lasting sensation within the body that
currently spreads upon this tattered sofa
that begs for the body’s removal from it.