Sunday, January 03, 2016


  There are so many types of
  “personal” in poetry.  The “I” is               a needle some find useful, though
  the thread, of course, is shadow.
                                                                                —Brenda Hillman

We were both very cranky and hot.
Despite the fact that were were so
young.  The more I did my cardio
routine, the more profound the 
hour became (tick tock tick tock)....

Steam rooms are grossing me out
a bit lately, and I have no vocabulary
to speak of.  Of which to speak.  And/or
quiet time?  Don’t even think about it!
Please, instead, allow me to offer a

few words of advice from the San
Francisco Public Library.  And...
I can’t even do that.  I find myself
flying at half mast.  Which is a laugh,
perhaps, that upsets the dust on the

windowsill.  I’m this close to stripping
down an entire bag of cookies – milk-
chocolate, macadamia nut, soft-baked.
Come to think of it, even though I am
hardly a native, one could very well

describe myself in much the same way.