Wednesday, March 16, 2016


    Death doesn’t let you say goodbye; it just
    carves holes in your life—in the future
    and your heart.
                       —expressed by Riley, a character 
                                    from Netflix’s Sense8 

After which everything gets really
weird (highly recommended).

I remember blast from the past.
I remember lime green cicadas

and suicides or sewercides:
admixtures of each available

fountain drink at junior high
baseball, basketball, or football

game snack shacks.  I have to
show up tonight (I remember

having to show up tonight)
to a meeting on the subject

of A Show of Hands.  Who
understands this?  I remember

liking it, and wallowing in
the deep meaning of it all.

I remember remorse;
remorseful prayer.

The space where my
kidneys ought to be

hurts, or is hurting.
It’s beautiful pain,

rather than a head
full of nothing

might astonishingly be
exactly the opposite.

     —most of these words were remembered
        after an otherwise less than memorable 
        trip to Jack Early Park on Telegraph Hill