Sunday, April 24, 2016


I Remember Now

We were listening
to Christeene, or,
well, were watching
her latest music video
(Tears From My Pussy).

I was almost finished
with The Corrections
and I’d been attempt-
ing to communicate.
With Kasey.  Regard-

ing Robert Frost (it’s
true!).  Blooming-
dale’s is whatever.
It’s my first time
in flight to NYC,

feeling good (well,
maybe not the first
time at that), try-
ing to do things
besides WORK (

ditto). Right
now I’m on a
conference call
with the other

(e.g., build-
ings pass away:
“Hotel Nikkei

…” “… a van-
illa latte”) ....
I was in one
of those tall,
cushy chairs

taking in the
“sea of dull-
ness” (that’s
Marlon Brand-
o to Dick Cave-

(please stay tuned for the next installment)