Wednesday, April 27, 2016


      I was made for loving you, baby,
      You were made for loving me.

It was a couple of months
before I even realized that
he was living here with me
(It had been a rough couple
of years).  Can this even be
correct?  Is it summary or

pretext?  Yeah.  It’d been
a really lousy couple of
years, the existence of
which I’d never have
even begun to wrap
my head around,

until then, the couple
of years that lasted
at least a decade,
(and not in a good,
way)....    He always
had to stop at cross-

walks—to either
wait for the green
pedestrian sign
or else to wait
for passersby
to stop and wait

with him.  I write
to total strangers
every day.  No-
body seems to
mind.  But if
caught talking

to myself, or my
computer, or to
a washing ma-
chine, he always
responds.  Often
so abruptly that

I’m startled.
I checked out

(tune in tomorrow for my demise)