Saturday, May 14, 2016


               Halogen Therapy
(or pausing long enough to catch a bit of air)

Everybody knows that pricking an aching heart
as it lay in pieces before you (or during you)
can be great fun, right?  Whatever the case, that’s
who I think I am already: a foaming heart (or a
foaming heartlet).  And love?  Funnyheartlove is
almost always fun, brainless, and has many more
names than seventeen (right?).  At seventeen, for
example, I had a kiss or two or three.  At nineteen,
however, I broke through into the night, where I
might simply have remained a poem or poetry,
another astrolabe, pausing only occasionally
every couple of hours just to open my eyes
or take in some air.  My eyes!  My, my!
Keep in mind that neither nobody
nor I have heard his voice in aprox-
imately nineteen plus seventeen days
now.  Great fun, right?  Yes.  Great fun.