Sunday, September 18, 2016


San Francisco Health Plan

“Here’s another story I’m sure you’d
love to hear,” he says amid piles

of junk that he’s pilfering through….
“So, I decided to apply for Capital

One.”  I’m sitting here wondering
if he means a job or a credit card.

“Project number 2,” he says.  “It’s
immaterial.”  I always wonder what

he could be thinking at times like
these.  But then I wonder a lot of

things, like who’s doing the won-
dering and who’s doing the think-

ing.  This time I was just too dis-
tracted.  So how was I to know

that the boat had already taken
off.  “Midnight’s gonna happen,

anyway,” I heard him mumble.
Can I go back to a reality that

I didn’t particularly even create
if just for the nonsense of love?