Thursday, September 29, 2016


                                  new sound:
(the sound of being circled; an O)

I am told I’d walk
circles around the
office floor, the top
floor.   How I’d stop
occasionally mid-
step, pause, pause,
then move on again

for four months.  I
was, is the word
happy?, when my
assignment was
discharged.  It
was a couple
of days before

Then the facts
settled in.

Coco has
taken to
and around
while I’m sitting
in bed typing this.
Around and around
and around and around.

I couldn’t make out.
I couldn’t make out the
blurry gray and red???
figures in the back-
ground of the entire
triptych.  I squinted;
I looked askew.  I’m
sure I stood there a
very long time trying. 
Until a gentleman
with a top hat stood
beside me as if out
of nowhere and
whispered into my
right ear.  They’re
the carcasses
of pigeons.