Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Mutual Attraction

“There’s definitely a story to be told
here, somewhere.”  Forensics experts
aren’t known for their profundity (nor
for their profanity as it turns out).
They are not, on the whole, a very
glamorous bunch, I might also add.
But they can be sexy.  Think of the
Riddler character on the new Batman
reboot (Gotham).  It’s yet another TV
show where the original cast goes nearly
babies on us; a prequel.  God, the
Riddler (or is it `he Riddler) was
hot when he was young.  Maybe
the story, then, is youth.  Is this
just my problem or does this speak
to you, as well?  Or you, over there?
Rather than attempt to pronounce
the name of your rather intelligent
city (the country’s capital, no less!),
I’ll say this:  The threshold between
childhood and adulthood occurs
as an individual tries his or her
damnedest to see through someone
else’s eyes.  Repetitively (As in
on a fairly regular basis).  That’s
all there is to adulthood, I imagine.  
Unfortunately for us all, a rather large
percentage of the population never 
make it through that threshold.  
So we live on a planet full of 
selfish, bratty (and, all too 
often), bullying kids.  That’s 
our mutual attraction, yours
with me, and mine with you. 
Clearly, we’ve no chance
of ever understanding 
one another.  So,
how about we,
oh, I don’t