Sunday, February 19, 2017


Whatever It Is, It Isn’t

clear anymore.  Furniture
that reaches out to you
in the middle of the
afternoon on a night
when you need desp-
erately to go to the
bathroom to pee
or to the kitchen
to guzzle a pint
of ice water.
“Wake up,”
laughs B’rer
Rabbit as he
dives into the
patch of black-
berry briars below,
“come along with me
this instant.  It’s an
adventure!” And
then he disappears. 
I’ve even the bloody
scratches to prove it.

                this poem is inspired by Susie Timmons’ “Into the Stickers”
                and the following Google Link Titles, neither of which I ever bothered to click:
                a) Brambles Gone Wild: How to Remove Blackberries – Tall Clover Farm
                b) How to Eradicate Blackberry Bushes; and
                c) How to get rid of blackberries – YouTube