Monday, August 14, 2017


         what if buses were
                 art gorillas?
                    —a misreading of an SFMUNI 
                        bus advert that pondered 
                        what if buses were art galleries?

This used to be a fun-
house. At least it was
until I canceled those
two phone numbers.

They were partial any-
way: 501, 617, 419, ex-
tension ZERO for the
receptionist  !!!  !!!

Utilizing this process of
elimination, we speed to-
ward bifurcated hugs &
nonexistent tongues (xo/

xo!): if either of you feel
like lending a finger or two
(in any way whatsoever),
and are able to do so,

now is the time to do it....
3 top hats atop 3 top heads
around 3/4 of the perimeter
of a rectangle (our be-

loved trailer) are my drum-
set and their impermanent
location. The anxiety of an
extended drum-roll; the tur-

moil of same disappearing into
subtext. Or the sandwich left
as a tip, so very rare for
such a percussive snare!

After three years of whatever
was (which, to me, at least,
was) utter turmoil, I recant
the earth, I recover, I wake up.