Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Human Debris

If only I could ride you unpublished.   “Here’s
another $24 drink,” all smug and lustless, with
contemporary Chinese interiors.

Ron, what was the name of the sushi restaurant
after Kylie wouldn’t pee?   Toe to toe to toe for a
decade or more.   Or was it just a year?   How to

talk to Cantonese?   So, we first met, slept together,
first date etc. on January 7.   It’s October and another
French trilogy.   Completing amazement.   Unfortunately,

the hotel strikers, along with music from heartthrob’s
computer (in the living room; I’m on the bed), having
just finished A Thousand Devils, this frazzled

Rauschenberg.   In the October will it feel oh so
new again?   Should I be disappointed with an
old swoon?   A few years later and never dull.

Not a disinterested dull.   Less interested in
new leaves and romantic road construction.