Friday, November 25, 2011


It has many other uses. Like my hair.
My hair is not dead people.

                                        —Sean Malroy

Relax into it.   They’re hungry or happy as
ash out of Groucho.   So don’t pitch a fit.

Build upon that, rainy Sunday!   The start
of a book to me, saying despite the slimness

of however she feels, or the sliminess I’ve been
treating you.   How young at heart.   Preach a line

by Schuyler like Pastor Ron: “or lamb leg with
mint sauce!”   Followed by a big pause.   She

feels how he treats her.   Despite the engaging
shimmies, the heft of the lattés, the cross over

to the dark side....   A pair of socks that resemble
a checkbook.   An entire Saturday on a bookend.