Friday, January 06, 2012


Why would someone dye their dog blue?

Sorry, Jordan, for stealing your update.  I left
two hundred dollars in the ATM at Walgreen’s
and totally got credited for the entire two hundred!
All I had to do was ask.  And not die of embarrassment.

I wish nothing more than to get boned.  To move on.
And that’s not putting it eloquently or appropriately,
is it?  What can I do to keep this?  I’m okay.  I’m
seasoned.  I have to be so worried to think with

someone else.  That’s part of my mechanism
with exes.  Exes and ohs.  I do believe my
life is not a flash in the pan.  A total of only
twenty dollars.  A long, happy, utterly

fulfilling life to get skeptical about.  To
get boned, bored, and grow a beard.