Thursday, January 05, 2012


But yet they do not sell them at Walgreen’s

I do believe my life is not just flash in the pan
dates with whom I’m still chummy.  Nor hours
spent dancing.  The complexity of life wants
a better analysis.  I side, however, with the
birds (and their quiet squeals), in a New York
state of mind.  I’m starting to think in fives.
I’m liking thinking in fives.  And Wells Fargo
bank transaction records (in a New York
state of mind).  I still want him happy.  What
does that mean in this idealistic world where I’m
SO in love and monogamous with someone else?
Who gets jealous of all this...this complexity?
Certainly not the U.S. Postal Service.  But
where would a long line be so friendly [insert
missing joke]?  I wish nothing more than
utterly fulfilling.  Skeptical?  Of course!
It’s in his every nature (and mine)!  To
grow a beard that’s not putting out.  Like
floating in boredom, but eloquently.