Monday, March 12, 2012


Perhaps I’ve kicked the illusion.

Like zonko!  Perhaps it’s all bad, all water
under the fountain.  Why worry?

I go for a walk because Nature is so almost
perfect (Camille Roy).  Donuts on Polk

Street nature.  I bone up on headaches.  Men-
tal nausea reduces depression.  I mean.  Like

Slam the door like a stomach!  Sue Rosen
said this on June 10th in 1957.  At least I

think that’s what she said.  I wasn’t there.
Suddenly, it’s so interesting to me how

anything can end with a sentence.  A
dream, a delusion, a character you

never wanted killed, Judge Judy....
I’m counting the animals in the room.

There’s a rooster on the top shelf (we’ve
a few of them; & we prefer ‘cock’), a

dinosaur next to a bunch of bunnies (from
outer space), a couple of lions (matching

bookends but on two separate bookshelves),
and Coco, nestled among the wires next to the

mega-multi-power-plug under my desk.  It’s
the middle of my 10-day birthday and I’m playing

scrabble with friends and strangers.  It’s nearly
one in the afternoon.  I have yet to shower.  I’ve a

page full of ‘to do’ items and I’m surrounded by
piles of books.  It is clearly a gorgeous day.