Friday, March 30, 2012


“When I grow up, I want to be kara’age”

Yuki steals people’s hearts.
People turn off all artichokes.
(Pleadingly) I calm myself.
Kudos to Camille.  Upstart

iPhone game competitor
gloriously stumped by
kudos.  Udon for lunch.
Udon for dinner.  Unable

to define friend.  Someone in
Category 1 (subsection 2) sends
an abundance of photographs of his
new love.  “Sexy, right?”  Of course

he’s (photo-montage’s) my type.  I’m
his (Cat1/Sub2’s) type.  We saw each
state before each minted quarter.  Found
altitude (yesterday) and altitude sickness.

There is glory in the scuffle.  ALL HA
IL pointing a finger at a loose emotion.