Saturday, March 31, 2012


“Do you plan to use it up?”

Usefulness exceeded.  Take flying leap.
Directive (outward) or mantra (inward)
[Is the Buddha within?] at the Buddha?
Rat-tat-tat sometimes go bullets.  Two

pages in, I sigh.  Perhaps I can never
read again.  Water plants.  Pick up
quarters (off the street?  from gutters?).
Practice a soft and solemn laugh (short,

almost a chuckle).  Ever so slightly de-
press (contemplate depress) an aging
mattress (the aging mattress) that im-
prisons (eats?) dreams.  Yawn incoherently.

Wonder about dipping sauces (the lack thereof)
at Ananda Fuara.  And video monitors (the lack
thereof) picturing Sri Chinmoy (Masashi says
it’s because he’s dead now).  Pictures of him

everywhere, though.  Just none moving.  Does
television exist anymore?  Cancel subscription.