Thursday, April 05, 2012



That makes me feel one more encore
but it’s another story, like Otto
trying to explain that the tofu
is too sour.  It’s gone bad?

I totally think it’s the intention,
what with being mixed up on
asparagus and all.  Okay?
One person’s anathema

is another’s...enema I was
going to say.  But instead
maybe waxed mustache
is closer to graduating

with honors  [honorary
charges – as opposed to
dishonorary discharges
I think].  The sound the

elevator makes when its
door closes is a four-letter
word.  It is so condensed
(in counter to the wheez-

ing yawn it used to be).
It’s enough to give one
pause.  To appreciate
language.  And this

libation I humbly
accept.  An award
I embrace and as
proud in.  I [ah] can.