Friday, May 25, 2012


It feels like molten lava.

He really loved all of my ideas
(the orange dress, my favorite
books, a vacuum cleaner).
Hello from Vancouver!

We went down for
Josie’s muffin, which
included apple stuff
and a mushroom

omelet.  My
phone’s ring-
ing bells to remind
me of something I have

to do tomorrow morning.
Once at Stanley Park, we’re
going the right direction but
get lost anyway.  Immediately

we find Starbucks and stop to
get our bearings.  This was
before an iPhone had a
compass, maybe even

before iPhone.  We’re
freezing and we didn’t
bring a heavy coat.  This
helps us understand the

Canadian economy
(the Dow Jones just
sunk with a very loud
thud).  We go shopping.