Saturday, May 26, 2012


Salmonella is more drug resistant
and saltwater may flow on Mars.
Okay, obviously.  Needless to say
we attempt to finish an entire day.

But everything is so minute-by-
minute.  Are we up to it?  Are we
up-to-the-minute?  We make our
own edits and have a very nice

time.  I did attempt to type.  The
train is pleasant and always behind.
Plus, I get back to the grind and
look it over.  It’s a winter

record, which is pretty
good.  So it’s time,
I weigh in.  We get
hardcore, wear red

stripes.  I erase a
very large moment
from my hard drive
but I can’t even run

two miles solid.  We
invest (brilliantly) in fruit
(apples) and serious cruising
(a combination of running and

walking).  We’re big-tub-of-
lard types, creeping everyone out
with our curiosity these days.  Pretty
rare.  I initially chuckle, but stick to

myself, swearing I’m not intestinal.
I think this occasionally invigorates us;
or at least encourages interest.  We’re
all over the radar.  We should just

concentrate on cranking out
gibberish for tomorrow.