Tuesday, July 08, 2014


Note to Self (Thanks for Indulging)

You should perhaps be aware that you can
‘come across’ as being ensconced within,
or as being affiliated with, a ‘network’ or a
‘community’ or a ‘cult’ of any kind, whether
or not you are in any way truly or partially
affiliated with agreeable to said entity. No matter
if you are the least bit aware, whether or not
it was in any way the intent of your delivery or
performance, you can become thought of as
‘one of us’ by some entity’s ‘official’ membership. 
From wherever and for whyever your articulation
or performance, be assured that your ‘voice’
may or may not help your ‘cause’ (or your ‘causes’),
should you have any.  If there was ‘intent’, something
you wanted to mean, had clear purpose from within
regarding that which you imparted, or whether there
was no intent, perhaps it was a meaningless act, even
an accidental one (such a sneeze), it could be perceived
as something very different.  By anyone; even members
of a community, cult, or network which you despise, or
one which you did not even know existed.  Your ‘voice’
may supply a rallying cry for a ‘group’ you consider
‘enemy’.  Said group’s ‘official membership may,
thanks to your delivery or performance, come to
believe you ‘one of us’.  This can happen.  Despite
eloquence or ‘clarity’ in delivery.  So, whether you’re
deliverying or performing in relation to or toward or
against any particular network, cult, or community,
whether you are speaking from within or from without,
from its enemy territory, neutral territory, territory it does
not even recognize, from its bunker, its barracks, or from
the very stronghold or headquarters of whatever particular
network, cult, or community; whether you ‘belong’ to,
‘stand’ with or against, or are even aware of the network,
cult, or community; whether intending cynicism or satire,
whether attempting to be social or ambivalent, your delivery
or  performance may convince others that you are ensconced
within a particular network or community; perhaps their own.
You may become thought of as ‘one of us’, become ‘cult
figure’, so to speak, by a particular network, community, or
cult’s ‘official members’—and even by those who aren’t
‘official members’ but either apsire to be or erronously
believe themselves to be.  Whether this was or was not
your intention. Regardless of whether it is something
you would be particularly comfortable with, should you
even be or become aware of it.