Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Luck is the quality that the third rate give to the genuinely
                                                             —Tim Dlugos

Isn’t this horrible?
What a mess I am!

Calling him every
name in the book

until my fingertips
bleed.  How do I get

so wrapped up
in the act of

out the door?

literally walk-
ing out of a door.)

My mind is a pile of
dirty wet rags.  My

ego is severely de-
flated.  Dave’s annual

birthday party is this
Saturday.  What have I

done to die today?  In-
doors or out?  Lunch-

break or work right
through it?  What

should I do?  What-
ever should I do,

cry myself to sleep?
Whatever!  (I cry

myself to sleep.)