Wednesday, April 22, 2015


A Little Discipline Never Hurt Anybody

My Great-Grandma Molly
taught me how to play
dominos and Wa-Hoo
(a home-made board

game now sold as
Sorry™) on her 
front porch.  The 
soundtrack to my 

life is stunningly
springlike.  Last 
night lurked (with 
vibrato) instead of 

I worked.  Note that 
I’ve had a very sore 
left foot (see photo 
of limp, below).  

Grandma Molly also 
dipped snuff and
collected magnets.
Some of us have a

pair of little persons (?),
one on each shoulder.
Watch them stretch
upward to whisper

into your ear.  These
are optical illusions,
but can still be instru-
mental in causing

accidents and (for
some, perhaps) get-
ting into heaven.  Here,
have a bag of my hair.