Friday, May 01, 2015


I Don’t Remember

Partial fire hazard.
François, 475-4538.
The lights with the
electric stove problem.

That this goes here.
The long red burn
that encircles my
left leg mid-calf.

Erasing landscape
for livestock.  Ex-
change rates.  Ex-
changing gifts.  Gift

giving.  Thanksgiving.
I’m horrible with the
names of the people I
love the most.  I must

love the most.  I’m
not sure.  I thought
that I had arrived to
congratulate you on

something wonderful.
I have no idea what it
was.  Or if this is true.
Which makes me so

angry.  Like being
branded by fire, a
mere infant, I’m
emblazoned by

pure and visceral
anger unswervingly
aimed at you.  This
maybe went on

forever.  But I do
not remember.