Saturday, May 02, 2015


A Turn for the Worse

I love to drive.  This
I remember.  But sea-
sickness, as they say,
is seasickness.  I don’t

get carsick, nor even
vertigo anymore.
Rarely.  Rarely
just get into an

automobile and
drive.  Before GPS
I traversed the US,
these entire United

States.  Or those con-
tiguous.  Many of them
numerously.  Well. 
Aiming more for
contemplative, I

take off my smudged
glasses to let the river
flow (as they say). 
I’m not granite, nor

relatively immortal,
but I do wonder if I
would be a popular
tourist attraction

had I been a canyon. 
Instead of a human.
The vast airy beauty
of sleep is often

interrupted by night-
mares.  Like this
morning’s fire
that destroyed

that was ours.
It all went so
quickly, like

the meat half of a
split-order pizza
when you’re ex-
tremely hungry.