Wednesday, July 08, 2015


Chew Toy

Don’t make
your day into
a parade (what
a spectacle!),
unless, of course,
you love the
spectacular.  A
plan might be
nice (for extra
spice), but a
plan requires
time, and I don’t 
even know what 
day today is. 
Did anyone see
that coming?,
I wonder.  Does
anyone see that
in me?  ....  Ah,
but it’s all so
very stupid: my
niche isn’t yours. 
And that’s perfect-
ion.  But what is
your niche (or mine,
for that matter)?
And more to the
point, What’s
passion without a
niche?  And I'm
guessing that 
you’re thinking, 
What’s a niche
without passion?
At which all,
itchy, simply
Old Man
Sorrow, sings
Nina Simone.
And she’s
right, of