Wednesday, December 16, 2015



        With  “that”  in  mind

                                        he said

                    “this”                      Elect-

rocution      via     elocution.     I am . . .

                                     (submission slumber)

     ...  I  am  in  a  submission  slumber  so

                          I             watch

Some Like It Hot

“...And some sweat
when the heat is on.”

                                                                   I’d like
                                                                   my period

But     ..     oh,    Madonna!

(I mean)    oh,    Marilyn!                You ARE

                                   The Skirt,
                                   The Sway,

                                                        and The Slobber!

My   point   is   only    this:

                      1.) Do not break the beer mug from Tiffany’s              


                     2.) Which do I look better in  .....   this  ....

                                                                                                               .... or ....  

                   .... give me just a minute ....