Friday, September 16, 2016


Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled penis.
    —Jo Ann Rothschild (from The Book of Penis)

It’s a wonderful book, I might add, full of
illustrations of dicks (I used to call them each
penis, thinking  dick too harsh; is that normal?),
like “Leaning Tower of Penis,” “Landing at Penis
Rock,” and “Ayatollah Penis.”  Each primitively
sketched matching illustration is just as you
would imagine it to be.  It’s genius, if you ask
me (and there’s even a “Genius” penis – right
after the “Ayatollah Penis” and directly before
penises named “Scholar” and “Critic”.  Surely
by now you’re already looking on Amazon
(or SPD or your bookstore of choice) for this 
soon to be classic tome.   If so, it’s from 
Pressed Wafer (they're a publisher of mine, happy
to be guilty as charged on that one), out in 2010. 
And be sure to read the author’s explanation
on the back cover.  “That is all for today”, I say,
aloud, tapping my, er, tipping my hat to you all.