Thursday, February 23, 2017


                           ...emptiness is a kind of speed moving
slowly with extreme consciousness.
                   —Susie Timmons

Obviously our heroes are conglomerating.
Where, my dear, did I ever learn to write?
Sentences, I mean?  How can anyone
appreciate me, much less tolerate it?  
And to the point of gung-ho?  I too want
to put a sign on the wall of my office
(which is also, appropriately enough,
my bedroom) with the word INFANTILISM!
Maybe, I will do just that.  But to what end?
To show that nobody knows a damned thing
in this world; that supposed ‘progress’ or a 
positive form of ‘evolution’ is no sure thing;
or, to reiterate, that we are simply 
(as a people, as a world, as individuals)
just babies.  In the whole grand scheme of
what?  He said something to me.  Such as,
“You just wanna lie there with your money
all day?”  Or perhaps it was I who said it,
both of us being infants.   Nothing else
happened for the rest of the afternoon.