Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Good morning!

Some of the lemons (oranges?)
have rolled down next to the Virgin Mary.
Maybe they wanted to go to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.
It’s been such a pleasant morning, though.
I believe I meant to say there are no brown leaves.
I don’t usually open my window so high, but
the purple flowers in front of my apartment building
are all blooming brilliantly, and now I’m able to hear
clinking and nailing and bits of muffled conversation.
It’s like I missed a lot of time and, in the process,
got beat down quite a bit. Oh well,
everybody’s got a twin pair of toothbrushes.
I do have to drag things out of him,
which is tedious. In fact, two nights in a row have
left me wondering if I’m going to have to
look into playing the role of Bob again.