Monday, January 30, 2006


Two crows divulged in a hood and I,
Sitting on a parkbench in the Common,
Watched two ducks glide across the pond,
Listened to a variety of duck languages.

And now for a swan. A swannish language.
After I press “record” I become an addict.
After I eat the peach I get a hard-on.
The fork in the road never looked better than in my mouth.

Please don’t leave me alone with a capitalistic culture.
Please don’t flash me two crows on a runway
Sexed out in such inappropriately costumed flesh
That all the other birds have flown beneath the canopy.

Having just been cruised with severity,
I’m not sure how much we have resolved.
However, it was a nice conversation.
Okay, now I’m about to fall asleep.