Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today I am 30 and purple roofness.
I got a total of one and a half birthday
cakenesses. I shared one and broke down.
We invited many to the housewarming.
By the end of our conversation we were
both balding. Me me me. In country
and western time. Then I licked his
bonus and felt the building shake. This
from the 28th floor. I’m 30. Time for
tightest goals or goalnesses. Exercise
da da done no nada. These are just bits of
the $500. Weak paycheck in the recycle
bin. A new apartment! Drive a silver
car across the world with the loveness.
Same thing as always this mutability
only this time better. Better mutableness.
Better booklist blergkhness. Today I am
a total of one and a half birthdays break
ing down. Automatically deposited.
I shared one housewarming and by
the end of my 30s I was bouldered.
Boulderness. In the country and
western. Marry domesticness and
clean up after self. Yes and this from
a child of many five hundreds. Five
hundred five hundrednesses.