Thursday, January 26, 2006


This morning I woke up on the
wrong side. My core business
was on administrative leave.
Where is my head? Somewhere
outside of Bangor, Maine. Both
the number of accounts and dep
osits were up a quarter at the
family cottage with a double bed
and electric heater. Regulators
do not appear to have been in
volved. I’m sitting on the boat
dock which has expanded into
new markets. It is so beautiful.
The two of us submit a merger
application. The waves roll in.
Above the cruise ship last week
it cooled down just in time for
some new leaves. We’re looking
for ways to increase transaction
volume. The sky over the awe
struck cityscape, it began to rain.
I packed for my trip, he said I’d
always been there for him, he’ll
be moving for good, would it
be okay if he stayed with me?
Changeoffs and delinquencies
rose just as the triangulation
dropped. I had brocolli, spin
ach, and mental stability. All
the whitecaps have erupted.
Now look who’s cocky.